After starting the BL5K it really got me motivated to do some extra excercise to keep up throughout the rest of the week.

Here are some simple ideas:

A quick 20-30 minute jog around the area you live. Similar to the BL5K session, run until you feel you need a rest then walk for 1 minute then continue.

Swimming at the local pool for around 1 hour – just breast stroke.

When the weather isn’t great I found some keep fit videos on youtube. So far I have found 2 which seem good, they are quite full on but when you watch them you can either do the more intense version or there is a modified way which is less intense. They seem quite good as they have a warm up, a circuit session, then a warm down and they are timed so you can see exactly how long you have been excercising.

Here are links to them:

That’s it for now! Hope this is useful!